Georgia to the Great Lakes!

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From Georgia to the Great Lakes!

This is where we have decided to go on our first big trip.  We are leaving the first week in June.  You can see our tentative route on this map.  We will travel north into Tennessee, and head towards Nashville.  From there we will go through Kentucky and into Illinois.  We would like to see different parts of Illinois - Springfield, Chicago.  Then we will go into Wisconsin and Michigan.  During this portion of the trip, we would like to see Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and Lake Huron.  If the route permits on this trip, we would also like to see Lake Erie.  Lake Ontario will have to wait, this time.  From Michigan, we will go south into Indiana, and then we'll head back into Kentucky, Tennessee by way of Knoxville, and back home to Georgia.

SO, if you know of something historical, interesting, or even funny, that we need to see along the way, please post a comment here.  We want to know what we shouldn't miss!

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